Our Environment

We live and work on 800 acres of farmland in the New England region of NSW. The property was purchased by David’s father Bert in 1971 and has been in the family ever since. The farm has run stock for many years now and we continue to farm Super-Fine Merino sheep to this day. 

As we live and work from the property we are passionate about protecting its resources for future generations. Our operations are constantly being considered and refined to be as sustainable as possible. Measures we have implemented to date include:

  • Solar Power: Our operations are completely solar powered. We have several panels across the property which power all electricity usage.
  • Recycled Water: Our dams are spring-fed and much of the water we use in our manufacturing is spring water recycled from the farm. We also collect rain water from all buildings on the property.
  • Recycle Packaging: We recycle packaging as much as possible to reduce unnecessary plastic and cardboard waste. 
  • Refurbish Drums: We refurbish drums and IBCs for redistribution. 

These measures combine to help us reduce our impact on the environment and offer a more sustainable