Olympix pH

Our low-fuming acid is a safe bet - for you and your staff.

Olympix pH low-fuming hydrochloric acid is uniquely formulated to reduce staff exposure to fumes, improve safety and increase storage and equipment life. 

  • Reduced rust and corrosion on equipment and storage facilities
  • Keep your breath and breathe easy thanks to low fuming properties  
  • Fast acting pH adjuster
  • Significant cost savings
  • Easy distribution and handling options 
  • 24/7 advice hotline available
  • 24/7 emergency supply and pump-out service


We offer flexible solutions for your aquatic centre!

Packaged options
5L   15L    20L   200L   1000L IBC’s
Bulk Options 
Up to 20,000L (dangerous goods approved drops)
Granular Options
We distribute dry goods in pallet lots throughout Australia.